Finest Quality two pc Freestanding tubs Feature;  All Acrylic Surfaces , Bulit in overflows, Adjustable base feet,
    Slotted or Oval Overflow Option, and Deeper Bathing wells.       White or Bisque Color.

Faucets can be Tub mounted , wall mounted, or floor mounted. All tubs use our slotted drains and PVC hubs for easy one step installations.
Modern Oval end drain;



Popular 306 drop- in tub in Freestanding Base.

Now with built in overflow for easy one step install.

Extra large two person Oval Head Rest tub 42x72x26h ctr.

O4272FSBS  (306MFS )    Soaker

Q4272FSBS  (306MFS )    6 jets

New Zen Rectangle tubs in Freestanding Base

Feature end Drains huge interior spaces.



New O3060-FSBS Rounded End Oval

Our most popular design in a simple 2 pc tub.

Design allows faucet to mount on the tub, over

the built in slotted Overflow and drain.

add; Air jets for full body massage.
O3060-FSBS  30" x  60 " x 23 " high Center Drain Oval tub
Perfect for smaller Spaces. Faucet mounts on

end of tub. 30 " x 58 " x 26 " High

O3060-FSBE  End Drain slipper Tub, skirted.

O 3666-FSBS 36" x 66 " x 25 " high

O 3672-FSBS 36" x 74 " x 25 " high

  specs not ready, coming soon.