603023WMFS Center Drain

673123WMFS Acrylic Tub

Cable Drain Models Require Special Drain Below

Please call your rep for availability. Cable drains Only!

602923WMFS Acrylic Tubside drain

683123WMFS Acrylic Tubside drain
  593023WMFS Acrylic Tub

  673023WMFS Acrylic Tub



Welded Arylic Seamless tubs offer lighter
       weight than Solid Surface tubs. Perfect for
       smaller spaces and upstairs installations.
  592823WEDMFS Acrylic Tub
  672823WEDMFS Acrylic Tub

693923WMFS  Egg Oval
653523WMFS  Egg Oval

713126WMFS  Curve Top Oval

Built in overflows and slotted drains

with PVC  hubs for secure leak free


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603023WMFS has  side drain , Cable operated

713423WMFS has center drain , Cable operated